Board of Directors, Patrons and Advisors

I believe that education is the biggest catalyst for the positive change that we seek in our society. It’s a shame that nearly 50 years post independence; quality education is still a preserve of the privileged. Akanksha means a lot to me since its vision is to build a model of excellence for wholesome education for less privileged children.
- Amit Chandra

Board of Directors

Anuj Malhotra                                                                                                                                                                                                Anuj was a partner at Point State, a multi billion dollar New York based macro hedge fund. Prior to that he was a Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management and a Vice President at Soros Fund Management. He graduated with a Summa Cum Laude in Finance and Computer Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.
Anu Aga – Director and Ex-Chairperson, Thermax
Anu was chairperson of Thermax Limited. Anu is keenly involved in the causes of education, communal harmony and human rights. She is a Member of the Commonwealth Human Rights Commission. She is the first recipient of the Financial Express ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ and ‘Management Woman Achiever of the Year’ in 2002.
Meher Pudumjee – Chairperson, Thermax Ltd.
Meher is the Chairperson of Thermax Ltd, a company focussed in the businesses of energy and the environment. She holds a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London.
Nandita Dugar – Ex-Consultant Boston Consulting Group
Nandita has been involved with Akanksha for over ten years. She was a consultant with The Boston Consulting Group, prior to which she worked at Unilever in London. She has a Masters degree in Engineering, Economics and Management from Oxford University.
Neel Shahani – Executive Director, Head of Equities, J.P. Morgan
Neel is the Executive Director, Head of Equities at J.P. Morgan. Prior to that he was Director of Global Distribution at Barclays Capital. He holds a degree in Accounting from Franklin & Marshall in the US.
Shaheen Mistri – Founder of Akanksha; CEO, Teach for India
Shaheen is the Founder of Akanksha and the CEO of Teach for India. Her primary focus currently is to shape the vision and guide the growth strategy for the organization at large, serving as a mentor for the National Team as well as networking with external supporters to build capacity for the charter school movement to grow in all targeted locations. She has a Masters in Education from Manchester University, UK, and is an Ashoka Fellow. She was invited as a Global Leader for Tomorrow to the World Economic Forum meet in New York in 2002.
Srila Chatterjee – COO and Executive Producer, Highlight Films
Srila is COO and Executive Producer of Highlight Films, Bombay, the first Production House for advertising films in India, and a Founding Partner of Blue Frog Media. She has been Festival Director for two years at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, heads the Highlight Trust and is involved in design and art projects. She is a Bachelor of Political Science from St Xaviers College, Calcutta and a Master of Management Studies from the Bajaj Institute of Management, Bombay.
Vandana Goyal – Ex – CEO, The Akanksha Foundation 
Vandana worked with the Boston-based nonprofit organisation Citizen Schools, an organization dedicated to changing the life trajectories of underprivileged children in urban areas, for four years. She is a graduate of Claremont McKenna College, with a degree in Economics, and as part of her undergraduate studies spent a year at the London School of Economics. At Akanksha, she served on the team to create a blueprint for Teach for India, later moving on to manage the Beyond School department serving all adolescent children of Akanksha. In 2007, she became the Director of The School Project, launched to create a network of high-achieving schools within the government system. She took over as CEO in January of 2010.On  June 30th 2017, Vandana stepped down from her role as CEO of Akanksha.
Deepak Parekh – Chairman HDFC
Anand Mahindra – Vice Chairman and MD – Mahindra and Mahindra
Arjun Waney – Chief Executive Argent Fund (UK)
Amit R. Chandra, Managing Director, Bain Capital private Equity
Ashish Dhawan, Founder and Chairman of Central Square Foundation
Amanda Faber, Chair, Kids In Need Of Education (KINOE)
Ganesh Natrajan, Deputy Chairman and MD, Zensar Technologies; Chairman, Nasscom 2008-09
Rati Forbes, Director, Forbes Marshall
Kumar Shah, CFO DSP Merrill Lynch
Anjali Raina, Executive Director – Harvard Business School, India Research Centre
Panel of Doctors
Dr. Bela .N. Doctor, (M.D, MRCP(UK), DCH), Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist Bhatia/ Kasturba/ Kothari Hospital
Dr. R Pankaj Parekh
Dr. Paresh C Desai