Social Work Team

Social Work Department

The social work department is the critical link between Akanksha, the parents, and the community. Social workers conduct regular home visits to keep track of developments in the children’s lives, maintain good relationships with their families, understand their struggles,  make sure children attend both Akanksha and their formal schools regularly, and follow up in case of any issues.  Through all this they make sure of each child’s well being and control dropouts from the system.

Akanksha Social workers catalyze social change

Social workers catalyze social change

within the parent community just as an Akanksha center strives to do so for the children. Parent meetings are conducted through the year covering informational and general awareness. Through these regular meetings the parents are also kept engaged by the sharing of the children’s progress. Topics include:

  • Garbage management
  • Good parenting
  • Involvement of fathers in children’s lives
  • Celebration of women on women’s day
  • Swine flu awareness
  • Junk food

The Empowerment Program, conducted by the Social Work team is for adolescent children, and aims to help them deal with negative influences

social work helps children deal with negative influences

such as alcoholism, substance abuse; discuss social issues such as gender inequality, early marriage, and issues related to sex and sexuality.

Total number of students part of the program: 400

Another important role of the social work department is to ensure the health of all Akanksha children. The Medical Program covers free checkups and treatments if required for all Akanksha children. Akanksha also supports its children in case of any medical emergencies.