In our mission to provide quality education available to every child, we have initiated the Akanksha Leadership Academy. The Academy aims to create visionary leaders, who keep children at the center as they drive a holistic learning environment by designing schools that are progressive, rigorous and joyful for children.

Mission and Vision of the Academy


The mission of the Akanksha Leadership Academy is to develop visionary and progressive leaders at every level of the education sector. Leaders who motivate and inspire to bring about a positive change in education.

The Academy envisions every school and school system in India to be guided by transformational leaders whose passion and commitment will ensure a supportive, successful and joyful learning experience for each and every child.

Since 2017, the Leadership Academy has been pivotal in inspiring and developing leaders who can drive progressive schools.




The leadership Academy is driven by four leadership competencies.


Vision Setting

To formulate a clear, progressive vision and communicate the vision effectively.

Strategic Design

Designing school goals, outcomes, success indicators and a target action plan that will drive the long-term vision of the school

Pedagogical Leadership

Exploring research based pedagogical approaches that improve classroom practices and ensures high quality instruction.

Developing People and Culture

Motivating, mentoring and supporting all school stakeholders to successfully drive the vision of the school.



The Leadership Academy offers a variety of programs that equip leaders to design and drive a progressive, rigorous and joyful environment for children.

Our approach is to drive learning through Academic Achievement, Social and Emotional Development and Parent Partnerships.



Setu is an initiative by the Akanksha Leadership Academy that aims to bridge the gap and change challenges into opportunities to tackle the global pandemic. It is a series of webinars involved in creating a pan - India learning community for School leaders to come together and learn about their roles in maintaining the school community amidst the COVID crisis.

The webinar covered rigorous sessions on building a community for students and parents through social emotional support. The School leaders learned the significance of self motivation and motivating their school teams during these testing times. The webinar highlighted methods that the teachers and school leaders could use to support children and their socio - emotional needs remotely by means of frequent check ins, group calls, creating room for sharing of negative emotions, and designing spaces for healthy peer interactions. The School leaders engaged in a discussion on how to 'TOUCH' lives during the pandemic.

Over 150 school leaders and educators spread across 20 states attended Setu.


"I congratulate The Akanksha Foundation for conducting such a splendid webinar. It was a great experience for me interacting with so many educators across the country. Each human being has socio - emotional needs, and the school leader can play a vital role in supporting these needs in this time of crisis. I look forward to more such webinars and will definitely recommend my Principals and Teachers to attend them"
Shri Deepak Mali
Education Officer, Secondary education board,
PMC, Pune




The Leadership Learning Community Track is designed for School Leaders, Project Leads, Mentors of schools, Organizations in various parts of the country who seek to develop and implement sustainable practices in their schools or educational centres that are aligned to their vision.

This initiative provides opportunities for educators to share and learn best practices, challenge their own thinking, and expand the scope of work that is being conducted in their schools. The Leadership Learning Community cohort has access to mentorship and guidance from the Akanksha Leadership Academy team.

While Akanksha gives priority to offering this track to School Leaders/ Mentors of schools that serve under resourced communities, opportunities may also be given to School Leaders/ Mentors of schools that serve privileged communities.

The Leadership Learning Community 2020-21 had 16 participants who completed the four week intensive virtual workshops.


"The deep reflection of the program helped me understand my own ideology as an educator and aspects that are important for my school. This program activates the leadership already in me, making it very organic to apply my learnings in the school scenario."
Sruthi Yadlapati
Primary School Lead, Delhi Public School Hyderabad

"The highlight of the program was diversity of the cohort and getting to interact with people working in such varying contexts. My biggest take away was understanding the need and importance of a strong vision and mission and how to align all other structures and processes in the school to it"
Michelle Markos
School Leader, Sunbird Trust

The School Development Framework

The approach to School Development is driven and supported through the Akanksha Inspired School Development Framework comprising of four pillars:

  • Developing Excellent Educators
  • Practising Progressive Pedagogy
  • Promoting Social Emotional Development and Learning
  • Engaging Parents as Partners



Professional Development of School Leaders and teachers has been a key focus at Akanksha. We believe it is the key lever to building successful schools and ensuring student success. Akanksha Leadership Academy offers support to school leadership groups through the Saksham learning track. School Leaders and educators who wish to run progressive schools can benefit through this program.

The first series of Saksham was an intensive 11 session online workshop, conducted with the aim to create government schools with stimulating environments, where students are motivated to learn and parents function as partners.

The workshop aims to strengthen the capabilities of the stakeholders around Academic Achievement, Social-Emotional Development and Parent Partnerships.


The Saksham Learning track for PMC and PCMC covered the following subject matter



Tech Driven Education

Usage of IT to enable student learning in times of COVID 19.

Setting students up for success

  • Developing and leading a positive School Culture
  • Teacher Development and Capacity Building
  • Increasing Student Engagement
  • Demonstration of Student Learning

Social and Emotional Learning and Development

  • Maslow's hierarchy of Student Needs
  • Creating a positive school culture and tone for students
  • Creating safe, encouraging and stimulating classroom

Building parents as partners

  • Creating opportunities for parent involvement in school
  • Building parent-child relationships
  • Establishing and developing SMC for School Support and Involvement


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