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Art for Akanksha provides companies the opportunity to invest in truly unique ideas, designed around special themes, to products and gift hampers that carry a message; from workshops that bring teams together, to murals that brighten and personalize office spaces.


Why choose ‘Art for Akanksha’?

‘Art for Akanksha’ offers companies a high level of customization – from the product theme, price, and design to branding, packaging, and delivery. The products are unique because they combine art and the children’s talent, and all profits from the sale of products go into providing an art education for Akanksha children and into sustaining the organisation’s educational initiatives.

Here are some testimonials from past partnerships:

“The Akanksha-HDFC association has been truly acknowledged by business channels as well as customers of the bank. It has helped us garner patronage from our customers, which in turn helps grow our business in the long run. Also with such activities we get a chance to give back to society.”

- Samar Kagalwalla, Regional Marketing Manager

Art for Akanksha partnered with HDFC to create customized gifts for new account openings.


“The jigsaws incorporated Godrej’s core values with a very ‘Akanksha’ touch. The pride and sense of achievement that the employees felt at the end of the workshop was very visible. It’s great to have moments in your adult life where you can paint without inhibitions in the company of children. Such associations help us learn the value of empathy and understand that we all have wondrous potential in all of us. We just need a safe place to bring out our creativity and imaginations.”

– Abhik Bhattacherji, Godrej

Art for Akanksha partnered with Godrej and ran an art workshop to create 3 large jigasw murals. 


“I wanted to engage in an art activity where children and employees could be involved in the best possible way and since Akanksha is an expert in this area, I decided on working together for this workshop.” 

- Poulomi Pal, Manager-Partnerships and Communication-CSR, Essar Investment Ltd.

Akanksha not only ran various art workshops for Essar employees, but the Essar Foundation flew out Art for Akanksha alumni to help with their School Redevelopment Project and work with students of a school for children from low-income communities in Bihar. Art for Akanksha designed workshops that helped motivate the students and painted murals on the walls of the school. 

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Art for Akanksha has partnered with several corporates such as Tata AIG, Birla Sun Life, Swastik Production, Bain Capital, Barclays, Franklin Templeton, Morgan Stanley, Godrej, HDFC, Citi Group, Societe Generale, Aon Hewitt, Panacea Biotech, Sinsan Pharmaceuticals, Peek-a-boo, FutureOrgs, Ezeego, and many more


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