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‘Art for Akanksha’ Products

Akanksha products range from simple ideas to complicated pieces of art! At the heart of each product is the immense talent in children and their boundless creativity. Each product is more than just a piece of art; each product carries the story of the child or children who were involved in creating it. Akanksha products capture the creativity we foster in our art programs and design class.

Akanksha Products can be divided into 3 categories:

1. Hand-crafted Products from Design class

Bangles on stand 300x225 Products and Services     DSCN4669 300x225 Products and Services     Bench 300x225 Products and Services

These are hand painted pieces our children create in class are functional and beautiful. Inspired by little designers in class and created in collaboration with big designers, the Akanksha Shop is home to products such as linen and furniture that are also geared to reach the retail market.

2. Printed Products

Clocks low rez 300x225 Products and Services     Coaster sets Indian Art 300x225 Products and Services     Laptop bags 300x225 Products and Services

The designs that emerge from the various art sessions at design class are subsequently used in a range of products that are inspired by the child’s art and finished by professional partners.

3. Akanksha Cards and Calendars

Over the years, Akanksha cards have been a simple and effective way for Akanksha children to reach out to millions of people across the world with a simple message: each child holds tremendous potential. The Akanksha cards come in a trademark square size, in different paper qualities and designs for various occasions. We even custom create designs for companies for events such as birthdays or weddings.

Take a look at products from Akanksha’s newest line: the The Nature Collection

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‘Art for Akanksha’ Services

Art for Akanksha Murals

Ambars room 225x300 Products and Services     green tree mural 1 300x225 Products and Services     Akanksha Office Wall 300x225 Products and Services

Ambar, 6 years old, wanted his room to look like an airport; Welfare for Stray Dogs wanted a wall outside their kennel to look cheerful; Ummeed wanted their office to be turned into a space where children instinctively felt comfortable; The Akanksha office needed a wall that was a symbol of the core of their mission: children…Enter Art for Akanksha!

Art for Akanksha has been creating special murals in offices and homes. The murals are a fun way to interact with children who are passionate about art and to get an window to their world. The art team has been a part of numerous murals – from painting a tree in a kitchen, to a jungle scene in a classroom; from an intricate Madhubani painting in an office cafeteria, to creating art with employees and their children.

Art Workshops for Children and Adults

DSC02548 e1374746798134 225x300 Products and Services
Art can be an equalizer. Art for Akanksha believes that art can be a special way of bringing children and adults from different backgrounds together on a common platform. The workshops bring together children and adults from different sections of society, empowering each with the knowledge that no matter how different they are, they still have the same potential. Every activity can be customized to suit a specific objective – teaching a new art technique, teaching a value, having lots of fun, working together as a team, or getting to know each other. They make unique birthday party activities and have been popular with companies as interactive and fun team building workshops!


Akanksha Products & Services are available at these locations:

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