Akanksha runs 4 programs that aid the all- round development of children. These programs prompt the kids to embrace active citizenship, work efficiently in a competitive environment and effectively manage the turmoil of adolescence.
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slp Programs

Service Learning Program
Mission: To transform students into empowered individuals who are able to identify and understand social issues and embrace active citizenship. The Service Learning Program (SLP) aims to inculcate a sense of agency in its students. A year and half program, SLP exposes participants to various social issues and motivates them to create frameworks for change. Students attend weekly session/workshops that cover current affairs and develop leadership skills. The SLP team also supports Akanksha’s centers integrate a spirit of service into the curriculum, and three Akanksha schools are currently piloting service learning programs.
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Sports Program Programs

Sports Program
The Sports Program’s primary goal is for children to have fun, create friendships, and build self-confidence through physical activity. In addition, the students are taught the value and importance of teamwork. Classes are run on weekends, and children are introduced to a variety of sports and offered a safe, healthy opportunity for organized physical play. Students who are particularly successful in classes are invited to join one of Akanksha’s teams, which compete in leagues with teams from other community organizations so they can continue to develop their skills in a more competitive environment.

Empowerment Program Programs

Empowerment Program
The Empowerment Program runs for center students ages 10-14. This precarious age needs particular attention and guidance, especially for Akanksha students who often times lack empowered role models. Students learn how to deal with the transition into adolescence, as well as negative influences such as alcoholism and substance abuse. The Empowerment Program provides a safe-space and a forum for students to discuss and raise awareness on social issues such as HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, gender inequality, child abuse, and issues related to sex and sexuality.

DSC03654 Programs

Career Resource Center                                                                                                     Career Resource Centre was formed with the objective to provide Akanksha students with career guidance, connecting them to a mentor and give them access to resources in professional organizations as well as have access to job opportunities. Adolescent children everywhere encounter many challenges. As they embark on the journey to become independent they are faced by daunting tasks of defining themselves, learning essential life skills and choosing the right career path. CRC provides that support in the following ways:                                                                                                                                                          • Scholarships • Alumni Engagement                                                                                                 • Career Guidance • Mentor Program




India School Leadership Institute ISLI 

•India School Leadership Institute (ISLI), established in 2013 as a project of the Akanksha Foundation, is one of the first initiatives in India to focus on developing the skills of School Leaders, to build high performing schools that commit to and deliver academic achievement and character development of children in low-income schools. School Leaders are defined as headmasters, principals, head teachers and school owners.

Our key objectives are:

- to create a pipeline of leaders equipped to lead high performing schools for children of
underserved communities

- establish the benchmark for school leadership training in India.

Our Vision: Every school in India will be led by an effective school leader who will create quality learning opportunities that prepare children for higher education and responsible citizenship.

Our Mission: To develop school leaders who drive high-performing schools that commit to academic achievement and character development of children from underserved communities