Service Learning Program

SLP Mission: To transform students into empowered individuals who are able to identify and understand social issues, embrace active citizenship, and are happy doing it

In 2004, Service Learning Program (SLP) – erstwhile Social Leadership Program – an initiative of The Akanksha Foundation, was first offered to the Akanksha students to empower them to give back to their communities and society. The program is founded on the Gandhian philosophy that each person must be a catalyst of social change. SLP exposes participants to various social issues and motivates them to think about circumstances and the potential for individuals to affect change. Today, the program is extended to include students from other NGOs, schools and organizations.

SLP is a 1.5 year program. In the first year, sessions/workshops are held once a week, every Sunday for approximately three hours. Each session/workshop will cover current affairs and develop leadership skills.

SLP team also supports Akanksha’s centers in integrating service ideas within the curriculum. In 2012, the service learning program is slated to be introduced in the schools. The key components of the planned integration are: service learning workshops, integrating the concept of service within curriculum, celebrating special days with the theme of service, and offering students a service learning project.

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