Special Education Manager-Mumbai

Program Manager, Special Education

The Program Manager is responsible for designing the overall program, training teachers, and ensuring there is a path for children with special needs.

Roles and Responsibilities will include the following:

Setting up the Special Education Program

  • Designing the special education program for schools and centers
  • Setting clear objectives for the program considering the resources available
  • Setting up the processes for identifying students, standard testing, identifying and addressing issues.
  • Creating a curriculum for the struggling learners for each level
  • Creating a process for measuring impact of the program

Training and Support to Teachers

  • Planning and implementing training workshops for teachers to help them understand the needs of struggling learners
  • Identifying specific training requirements of teachers and planning workshops tailored to individual needs
  • Providing support to teachers to ensure that the children are getting adequate help
  • Working with the special education team to visit different classes and identify the struggling learners
  • Creating and documenting the cases that have been identified

Understanding government provisions

  • Working with the school leader and government liaison/social worker to ensure that benefits available to special needs students in government schools are available to special needs students in Akanksha schools

Required qualifications and skills:

  • B.Ed. or B.S.Ed from a recognized university, post-graduation preferred
  • 3-4 years prior experience in special education
  • Commitment to the cause
  • Willingness to travel across Mumbai centers
  • Fluent in English
  • Positive attitude and solution oriented

Reports to: Education Director

Location: Mumbai

Contact – srishti.khanna@akanksha.org