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Living life to the fullest..

Nizamuddin Shaikh is a confident and talented young adult, working as a software associate at Capgemini.

Passionate about script writing, he loves meeting new people and traveling.

However, Nizamuddin believes his life would have been very different had he not joined an Akanksha center.

Nizamuddin grew up in a loving family with parents and nine siblings who adored and supported each other. Even though his family struggled to make ends meet, his parents wanted all their children to study and make a life for themselves.
At the age of seven, Nizamuddin’s parents got him and his younger brother enrolled in an Akanksha center after meeting a social worker who was visiting their community.

Initially, he struggled in class as he wasn’t used to conversing in English and meeting new people. Eventually, things changed as he started learning new things every day and his didi’s, and bahiya’s would always find interesting ways to teach the class. Within no time, he started interacting with all the students and teachers at the center, made presentations in class and participated in the annual day celebrations.

At the center, he also met, Ramola didi who taught English and Values for over 8 years and she played a crucial role in shaping his life. She was always kind and showered students with love and affection but when needed also disciplined them. It was her class that made him realize how much he loves stories.

In grade 11, Nizamuddin was chosen to be a part of the Service Learning Program (SLP), started by Akanksha. It was a one and a half year program that aimed to help students develop into empowered individuals who could identify and understand social issues, embrace active citizenship, and be ‘happy’ doing it.

During the course of this program, Nizamuddin formed a very close bond with Rohit bhaiya, an SLP teacher who made him aware about various social causes, gave him a sense of purpose and made him feel comfortable enough to share important things about in his life. Inspired by Rohit bhaiya’s passion and dedication, Nizamuddin decided to work hard, get good grades and make the most of his life. A BSC It His hard work paid off when he was selected by Capgemini during his college placements.

Nizamuddin has come a long way...

He lives every day with honor and integrity and, his hard work and unrelenting spirit have helped him chart a beautiful life for himself and his family.

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