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A champion for animal rights...

A first-year M.A. Sociology student and winner of the best student award at St. Mira’s college, Supriya Dandnaik is a spirited and feisty champion for animal rights who has touched many lives!!

The daughter of a rickshaw driver and a homemaker, Supriya is the eldest of three children. She joined K.C. Thackeray Vidya Niketan in grade 5 and was loved and adored by classmates and teachers. Always known for being quiet, sensitive and poised, in school, Supriya preferred the company of books to friends. She loved Sangeeta didi’s science class and enjoyed learning new languages.

However, in grade 7, Supriya decided that she needed to voice her opinion and stand up for animal rights after learning about animal testing from Kanchan didi, her English teacher. She was appalled by the ignorance and lack of awareness about the abuse animals faced every day.

She began to look for NGO's to volunteer and ways to support animals but struggled, as she was just a student. Not someone to give up easily, Supriya decided to start writing stories about animals to educate friends and family. In grade 10, she even wrote letters to her teachers urging them to become vegetarians.

After graduating from school, Supriya joined St. Mira’s college where she studied arts in grade 11 and 12 and also started taking care of stray dogs and cats near her home.

She then went on to get a degree in sociology and developed an interest in feminism and gender studies.

During her final year of graduation, Supriya lost her father. The loss of a loved one and the only earning member in the family led to a dire situation at home. Surpiya decided the only way to support her family and to ensure that her siblings continued with their education was to get a job.

She started working in a publishing house run by the Sadhu Vaswani Mission. Within a year her strong work ethic led to her being given more responsibility and currently, she manages two bookstores and a mobile store. She also volunteers at an NGO that rescues and shelters animals and writes short stories.

Once, she completes her masters, Supriya plans to make a career as a social activist, empowering people to fight for their rights and starting an NGO for animals.

Supriya’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring and we truly believe she will go on to change the world !!

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