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Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Pune Municipal Corporation and Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation

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In the initial years of the project, it seemed that the Pune Municipal Corporation had more scope for growth and to quickly acquire a sizable market position, and hence Akanksha and TSIF together set the target of reaching 25% of all PMC English-medium municipal schools. More recently, because of the efforts of the Additional Municipal Commissioner of the MCGM, there is an opportunity to pursue school reform at a large scale in Mumbai through the MCGM School Improvement Project, managed by consulting firm McKinsey & Co. There is also increasing demand in both cities amongst parents for more high-quality English-medium schools and hence because of the limitations of the government, both municipalities remain fairly open to some form of private participation in the system. Akanksha has recently received an approval to start three new schools in Mumbai, making it a total of 15 Akanksha schools in Mumbai and Pune.




Teach for India

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Shaheen Mistri, founder of The Akanksha Foundation, started Teach for India in 2007. The two organisations are deeply interwoven in many ways.   Several TFI fellows teach at Akanksha-run municipal schools.

To learn more about TFI please visit: http://www.teachforindia.org



Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

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Since 2008, MSDF has partnered with Akanksha to ensure the sustainability of The School Project as a whole. They provide both strategic and financial support to the Akanksha school team.

To learn more about MSDF please visit: http://www.msdf.org



Thermax Foundation

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TSIF has been part of The School Project since its inception. In addition to funding a few schools in Pune, TSIF also helps mediate the relationship between the PMC and Akanksha.  They provide invaluable support for The School Project in Pune.

To learn more about TSIF please visit: http://www.thermaxindia.com




President of Akanksha Fund Inc. (U.S.A)- Sarah Roberts

Sarah lived in Bombay, India for four years in the 1980′s. When Shaheen Mistri, the daughter of family friends, founded the Akanksha Foundation in 1990, Sarah, in partnership with others in the U.S., organised the Akanksha Fund Inc. to raise support and awareness for Akanksha in the United States. Sarah has served on the board of the Fund since it was founded in 1997. You can visit their page and learn more about the Akanksha Fund. Click Here


Chair of Kids in Need of Education- Amanda Faber

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Amanda Faber founded KINOE with friends in 1996 to raise money for Akanksha and projects in Nepal. When Amanda was living in Mumbai in 1995, she taught a class at Akanksha and worked to develop the curriculum with Shaheen Mistri. KINOE has held around 100 fund raising events for Akanksha. The charity has had enormous success applying for grants including the Big Lottery (2001), DFID(1998) and VITOL(2009). Amanda now works as a film producer and produced her first feature film last year. Before that she worked as a journalist at the BBC, producing and directing documentaries and current affairs programs for over ten years. Amanda is a qualified both as a primary school teacher and a solicitor, and was appointed a senior lecturer at the College of Law, London.