The Model

The Akanksha School Model has been adapted from best practices of high-performing schools in India and around the world, and Akanksha’s own experience in education, gathered over its twenty years of serving some of the poorest urban slum communities in Mumbai and Pune. These Five Pillars represent the guiding principles of The School Project and the core of what Akanksha believes drives the success of its schools.
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  • Excellent Educators

  • Progressive Pedagogy

  • Accountability to student learning

  • Parents as Partners

  • Maximizing resources

Intensive professional development ensures the effectiveness of teachers, school leaders and staff
A skills-based approach and rigorous standards drive student learning
Frequent, comprehensive assessments gauge student learning and allow each individual and team to drive continuous improvement across schools and teams.
Parents actively engage in the process of their child’s learning and development.
Time, moneyarrow 10x10 The Model and materials are key resources that are utilized to their maximum potential