Akanksha is a unique place where people from varied backgrounds come together to be a part of a movement for change.

From fresh graduates to corporate professionals, Akanksha employs educators, social workers, engineers, MBAs, lawyers, designers, IT professionals, and anyone driven by a belief that each child can excel. We have positions in schools and with office staff, who collectively move us closer to our vision.


The training program gave me an opportunity to understand key leadership competencies that contribute to the making of an effective leader. It helped me formulate an action plan to strengthen my own competencies, based on specific feedback provided by my team. It was great to look at leadership from the perspective of industry leaders from different organisations and verticals present at the program.

Manoj SK

Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships

When I came across the PR and Marketing position at Akanksha, I was instantly captivated by it. I was looking for the potential for creative ideation and hands on execution in the field of Marketing. This is what I found here. What I couldn't have anticipated is how exciting Akanksha as a brand is. It is truly warm, delightful, honest and positive. It is also deeply satisfying to work for a brand or a message that I have come to care so deeply about. Excellence in education is a right for each an every child and the truth of this message has become a passion of mine.

Abha Raja

Sr. Associate Marketing

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