A Courageous Story on our Centre Alumni, Priya

Shielding The Community From Coronavirus

One of our centre alumni from Akanksha, Priya went above and beyond to help her community during the lockdown. Priya was saddened to see Rajiv Gandhi Community struggle with uncertainty and essentials. Priya decided to step up and volunteer to provide essentials to the families affected.

She registered as a ‘Police Mitra’ volunteer and contacted some of the organizations to join hands and alleviate the grievances. Priya worked closely with Abhinav Vikas Pratishthan, an organization founded by our ex-social worker, Gauri Sonawane. Together, they could provide the relief the community was in dire need of.

She fought all odds to ensure that her community was safe.

We are inspired by Priya's initiative to make a difference.

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