In our mission to provide a quality education available to every child, we have initiated the Akanksha School Leadership Academy that aims to create visionary leaders to run excellent schools. The Academy aims to create visionary leaders, who keep children at the center as they drive a holistic learning environment by designing schools that are progressive, rigorous and joyful for children.

The mission of the academy is to create visionary leaders who keep children at the center as they drive a learning environment that ensures success through academic achievement, social and emotional support, and a strong relationship with the community.

The School Leadership Academy offers a one year full time, experiential program that aims to equip aspiring school leaders with the skills, competencies and attitudes necessary to inspire and motivate a team of excellent educators, working together to provide children with a love for learning and life.

Started in 2017, the School Leadership Academy has been pivotal in inspiring and developing leaders who can drive progressive schools.



School leadership plays a pivotal role in a student’s life. After our teachers, it is our school leaders who create an impact on learning and schooling experience for all children. The purpose of The Academy is grounded in experiential learning for aspiring leaders, providing them exposure to different aspects of school leadership​, ​by building necessary skills and​ ​attitudes through leadership competencies. These competencies form the foundation for the​ ​program and serve as a driving force towards the growth of an aspiring school leader.




We have four distinct leadership competencies that foster an experiential and immersive learning environment across the three phases of the program.


Designing a Vision

To formulate a clear, progressive vision and communicate the vision effectively.

Strategic Thinking

To learn and promote progressive pedagogical practices, social and emotional support for students and positive partnership with parents and community in connection to the Akanksha school development process.

Instructional Leadership

To assess levels of learning, use data to drive and differentiate instruction and learning in the classroom. Identify strengths and weaknesses in instructional practices.

Developing People and Culture

The ability to motivate and support school stakeholders. Build healthy, collaborative and inspiring relationships with teams, children, parents and community.



The Akanksha School Leadership Academy is made up of three key phases that provide immersive exposure to all aspects of school leadership and are grounded in the four distinctive school leadership competencies. The one year training program is a full time, paid opportunity for candidates. The program is divided into three phases.


Residency Phase

The duration of this phase is of 2 months. The objective of the Residency phase is to expose candidates to the many challenges in the school leadership position. All candidates will have a virtual exposure to all aspects of school leadership.

Internship Phase

After the residency phase, candidates are placed as full time interns in an Akanksha school and work under the mentorship of an existing Akanksha school leader. Using the academy competency framework, candidates then engage in long term projects at Akanksha schools. During this phase, aspiring school leaders formulate a rigorous action plan under academic achievement, youth development and community engagement.This phase of the program has monthly professional development sessions and exposure visits to other organisations as well. The internship term is for 10 months.

Post Placement Planning

Once candidates successfully complete all aspects of the program, they qualify for a leadership position through the Akanksha interview process. Planning support is provided to successfully transition into the leadership position.


Nandita Bendale
School Leader, Pujya Kasturba Gandhi English Medium School
Mentor School Leader

“Having a mentee from the SLA was a wonderful experience. The mentee had come with a positive mindset, willingness to learn, to share and explore. She got many opportunities in the school to develop her leadership qualities . She was a part of the initiatives undertaken in all 3 goals- Academic Achievement, Youth Development, and Community Engagement.
Having a mentee was enriching for the school and a learning experience for me as well.”

Tarishi Garg
Assistant School Leader, Pujya Kasturba Gandhi English Medium School
Cohort 2018-19

“After working for two years in the education sector from teaching to managing projects in school- I joined the School Leadership Academy. It's been a great learning for me at the Leadership Academy. It has prepared me mentally for challenges that I am bound to face in the current role of leadership. I am able to practice and build a culture of transparency through my work in the school. This role is helping me to grow independent and compassionate.”

Doney Biju
Aspiring Leader
Cohort 2019-20

“I was teaching in a low income private school in a community called Malwani in Mumbai before joining the SL Academy. SL Academy is a space for us to learn and unlearn. Through this journey of residency and internship, I am able to experience all phases of school leadership and have a hands on experience . SL Academy has helped me to identify the leadership qualities within me and leverage them for my personal transformation as well as of the school and the community.”


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