Akash Reddy

Akash was a Teach for India fellow from Hyderabad. Prior to which he worked as a cloud engineer in Sweden. He holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunications Systems. 

Akash envisions a school led by students, a school which builds future leaders who think critically and take decisions with an aim to create a better world. He is passionate about teaching and finds joy in seeing children grow as they open their eyes to the world around them and find their unique place in it. 

In his leisure time Akash enjoys playing table tennis and watching football. He finds delight in experiencing the culture and traditions of the old city of Hyderabad.

Chitra Walgude

Chitra has 9 years of experience with the Akanksha Foundation where she worked in diverse roles as a Teacher, Lead Teacher as well as an Assistant School Leader. She has completed her M.Ed and is currently pursuing an M.Phil in Education.

Chitra believes in providing students opportunities to collaborate in an interactive learning environment. She envisions a school that enables students to become responsible individuals who contribute significantly to the betterment of our world.

She seems to have a unique and effective way in connecting with her students. She enjoys interacting with students and learning through their perspectives. Chitra loves to cook and explore new places through travelling.

Doney Biju

Doney grew up in Nashik and is a native of Kerala. He did his graduation in commerce and then joined theTeach For India fellowship in the year 2017.

Doney believes in transformation and envisions the same for his school. A transformation in his approach towards teaching made him witness the change in his students and the community. He started initiatives such as “Clean Gurukul, Clean Malwani” in the school for driving a positive learning environment for the children. Doney loves cooking and singing. His favourite singers are KJ Yesudas and KS Chitra. He loves playing cricket and also watching it.

Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav graduated in civil engineering from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies and joined the Teach for India fellowship post that.

Gaurav is proud of his decision of teaching a class of 45 wonderful children who made him understand the value of selfless love.

Gaurav is a diehard football fan and loves cooking.

Gaurav envisions a school that builds confidence in children and empowers them to believe in themselves to work towards fulfilling their dreams.

Kalyani Gupta

Kalyani has a degree in Politics and Economics from New York University. After working in the banking sector for two years, she joined the Teach for India Fellowship in 2017. Although coming to India without having ever lived here was challenging at first, it was the best decision that she has made.

Kalyani envisions a school with empathy as its cornerstone. She believes that when educators work to understand who their students are as people, they are able to drive learning with their children, not just for their children.

Kalyani is looking forward to a year of growth and to learning what it means to be a progressive School Leader.

Khushali Katharani

Khushali completed her Teach for India fellowship in 2019. Prior to the TFI fellowship she worked in the banking sector for 3 years after completing her graduation in management studies.

As a teacher, Khushali loved to go to school, not only to teach but also to learn something new each day from her students. She believes strongly in the power of the collective and the potential that each child holds.

During spare moments Khushali enjoys spending her time admiring the everyday sky and clouds, reading a Ruskin Bond book and sipping on hot cups of adrak chai.

Nilesh Wadhwa

Nilesh has worked as an Assistant School Leader in a school serving low-income communities in Mumbai. Prior to that he was a Teach for India fellow. During this time he understood the impact of school leadership in the lives of children.

Nilesh has a Master’s degree in Management Studies from Mumbai University

Nilesh envisions a school where children will be provided with endless possibilities to explore their passion and dreams.

Nilesh loves to watch standup comics and their take on developing India. He is also passionate about food and books. 

Pravin Pawar

Pravin is a graduate in Chemistry, and has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Physical Education. Prior to joining the Leadership Academy, he was a sports teacher in Akanksha.

Pravin has represented the Maharashtra cricket team for national tournaments several times and is passionate about cricket. He is proud of his determination towards being a cricket player despite the challenges he faced. He is a professional photographer as well.

Pravin enjoys teaching children and envisions a school which gives opportunities to children to follow their passion with grit and determination

Sangeeta Zombade

Sangeeta is a certified educator in Early Childhood Care Education (E.C.C.Ed) and Experiential Education. She holds a degree in Commerce and brings with her more than three years of experience of teaching Kindergarten children. 

Sangeeta’s experience at The Akanksha Foundation includes working for the Service Learning Programme and teaching their elementary students in an after-school program. Before beginning her journey with the Khoj Community School, she was part of content development and the Training of Trainers Program and, Manager Alumni Engagement with Antarang Foundation.

Sangeeta envisions her school to build aware, sensitive, empathetic individuals who believe in harmonious co-existence.

Supriya Shinde

Supriya is from Mumbai and has 13 years of teaching experience with The Akanksha Foundation. She is passionate about teaching and holds a B.Ed and ECC.Ed degree.

Her vision is to create opportunities for children to take ownership of their learning and make meaningful connections to their life. Supriya loves listening to the stories from her students and this, she believes, also leads to building a stronger bond with them.

She treasures the moments when she is taken back to her childhood days while playing with her 2 year old daughter, Amaya. Supriya also enjoys exploring new types of cuisines and watching movies in her spare time.

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