2020 may be the year of school closures, but it is also the time for reimagined learning. To achieve our goal of ensuring uninterrupted education, we have carefully crafted the Blended Learning Model, a unique integration of traditional (in-person) and virtual learning techniques that go beyond the classroom. Grounded in quality research, best practices and our knowledge in education, blended learning is our roadmap for the long-term shift to a sustained quality education for our children.

Seamless Transition


Our alumni support team ensures that all our alumni stay focused on their education and go on to complete their 12th grade as a minimum qualification & continue to pursue a graduation degree. We conduct counselling and career guidance sessions along with providing financial support to our alumni.Blended Learning is more than just an emergency response to the ongoing pandemic. We believe it is an opportunity to reimagine learning and adopt a holistic approach to rethink traditional techniques that are no longer viable in the new normal.

Akanksha is committed to pioneering a model that facilitates digital literacy, online readiness and 21st century skills in all its schools


Our mission is to preempt and prevent disruptions in daily school study. We believe that a simple and well-rounded curriculum which caters to our students’ larger socio-emotional needs is an effective way to ensure that vulnerable children do not drop out of the school system entirely.

Blended Learning factors in a student’s immediate needs, challenges posed by the pandemic and socio-economic upheavals at the community level


Akanksha aims to identify and bridge existing learning gaps, further widened by the growing digital divide. We aim to share our knowledge in providing affordable technological solutions to students from low-income communities.

We believe in scaling systems, strategies and practices developed under Blended Learning for the government school context to multiply impact

Key Priorities

Blended Learning has found initial success in Akanksha schools with increased attendance and higher student engagement, standing at 60% across the network.


We have distributed digital tablets and provided free internet recharge to all our children uptil December 2020

1500 Tablets
Distributed across Pune + Mumbai


To support adaptation to and innovation in remote learning, we believe in investing in our teachers

40+ hours
Spent training teachers in LMS-Edmodo, recording platforms & digital hygiene


Virtual Learning is implemented using a variety of

-Synchronous (virtual face-to-face like Zoom, Google Meet) and

-Asynchronous (anytime learning like Whatsapp, Edpuzzle) platforms


Akanksha parents are heavily involved in the daily remote learning of their children, and can voice their queries and issues relating to curriculum & submissions through monthly meetings with school teams


All Akanksha schools actively engage in periodic student tracking calls to ensure the safety, mental wellness & welfare of our students

50,000 Calls
Made between May-August 2020


We aim to support 10,000 families by providing food & hygiene essentials to pandemic-affected communities, ensuring economic resilience through state schemes and facilitating medical support

Bridging the Digital Divide

With school closures since March 2020, 9300 of our students have been confined to their homes with no access to learning facilities of a classroom. As Akanksha makes the transition to remote virtual programs, we need your help to ensure that the learning never stops.


Gr 7-8 children still unable to learn for 4 hours


Families can allow these devices to be used for learning

2 hrs./day

Average device availability to children for learning


Families avail internet recharge facility from Akanksha

Support us equip our students with learning devices and internet access to ensure they continue learning and stay on the path of education which will help them to lead empowered lives.

For more details on Blended Learning you can write to reetika.singh@akanksha.org

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