Meet Akash

Capturing Moments That Matter

Meet Akash Rajak – Capturing Moments That Matter

Akash is an alumnus of Akanksha from Acharya Vinobha Bhave School. The 23-year-old discovered his passion for photography after graduating from school, a place that nurtured him to be his best, creative self.

He did not let his constraints get in the way of pursuing his dream and aimed at skilling himself in the art. As Akash shares, photography is the art of patience and timing. 12- 13 hours of adjusting angles to get that perfect shot, building relationships with clients and technical knowledge of poses, light and much more makes someone a good photographer.

Akash has been honing his skill for the past 5 years and takes up many projects on a freelance basis. He began his own company named ‘Seven Little Hearts’ that has given him numerous opportunities to capture someone’s special day or event. To follow his work, please visit @sevenlittlehearts on Instagram. Akash continues to take up projects around baby shoots, pre-wedding, anniversaries and commercial shoots.

We asked him about his plans for the next 5 years and this is what Akash had to share -

“Photography is my passion and I love capturing moments. The art of clicking pictures began years ago and now I wish to take it to the next level with intact technology modulation and tactics. This is where I see myself in 5 years, learning and thriving!”

Akash is extremely approachable and guides Akanksha’s alumni who wish to take a similar path by being a chat away on the Akanksha alumni portal – He also gives them tips and shares valuable inputs like the importance of being mentally strong if one wishes to take up photography. Akash wishes to create a ripple effect of change as he educates one alum after the other.

Alumni like Akash inspire us to dream and touch the skies, one click at a time!

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