Meet Kushagra

A poet, writer, and storyteller..

Walk into the Akanksha office in Pune and you will find Kushagra Sathe, surrounded by students and alumni.

Wise beyond his years, Kushagra is a poet, writer, and storyteller...

His journey with Akanksha began at K.C. Thackeray Vidya Niketan in grade 4.

A bright student who loved reading and spending time with friends, Kushagra wasn’t particularly fond of studying. His only motivation was to score enough to be in the top rankers in class.

However, all that changed in grade 7, when his English teacher, Manoj Bhaiya, started a literature circle and introduced students to books like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Animal Farm. This was a defining moment for Kushagra, as he not only got an opportunity to read and discuss literature with friends but also discovered his passion for writing.

Under the guidance of Manoj Bhaiya, Kushagra started penning down short stories and poems in English and Marathi. Eventually, friends and family started to take notice and encouraged him to pursue a career in arts. But, Kushagra had other plans. He was keen to study science and become a chemical engineer, as he believed writing was only a hobby and not a viable career option. Therefore, after pursuing science in grade 11 and 12, he gave the CET exam and was all set for to get a degree in engineering.

Unfortunately, he did not get into any of the colleges he had applied to.

His mother then counseled him to pursue a degree in arts and follow his passion. The decision wasn’t easy but he took a leap of faith and enrolled for a bachelor of arts degree.

Towards the end of his first year, while he was busy finalizing a subject to major in, life threw him a curve ball. His father lost his job.

With four family members to support, Kushagra decided it was time to start working and take on their responsibility. He applied to Akanksha and got an internship with the Alumni Support & Engagement team.

What started out as a means to earn money has now become a way of life for this young boy.

Inspired by the sacrifices and the hard work his teachers Manoj Bhaiya, Amar Bhaiya, and Sriram Bhaiya, and his school leader Shalini Didi, put in for all the students at Akanksha, Kushagra works hard every day to support students and alumni. He firmly believes every student has the potential to succeed in life and all they need is someone to mentor and guide them.

A sports enthusiast, he plans to get a master’s degree in sports journalism and someday aspires to interview his idol, MS Dhoni.

If you would like to read Kushagra’s stories and poems click on the link below to visit his blog

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