Meet Purvi

Youth Champion & Finance Enthusiast

Purvi Wahgela is an Akanksha alumnus and youth champion. Part of Shindewadi Mumbai Public School’s first alumni batch, she has been recently selected as a youth advisory board member for Antarang Foundation.

Purvi began her journey with Akanksha at the age of seven as a student of Shindewadi Mumbai Public School. Even during her school days, Purvi knew that she wanted to do something to support the growth and development of the youth community. When asked about why she chose to apply as a youth advisory member for Antarang Foundation, Purvi said,

“The impact I wish to create is through making the youth aware of the possible resources available to them and let them benefit the most out of it. The resources are in the form of career guidance, skill-building and computer skills. I intend to share my personal challenges that I faced after school so that they don’t face the same struggles and are fully prepared to face the world outside.”

Currently pursuing SYBAF from Khalsa College, Purvi wishes to pursue the finance field and dreams of becoming the CEO of a company in the future. When colleges shut down due to the Covid-19 lockdown, Akanksha’s scholarship programme funded Purvi’s education to ensure that her learning never stopped. As part of Project Karuna, Team Akanksha also supported Purvi’s cousin brother, Akanksha student and his family with food and hygiene kits. 

An avid reader and writer, Purvi is an aspiring traveller who is all set to take the world by storm. In her own words, “I really like to help others and I am curious to learn new things through that is the best platform where I can explore and get a chance to work with new people from diverse backgrounds.”

With her fiery spirit and daunting determination, Purvi continues to inspire her fellow Akanksha students to dream and make a difference.


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