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With excellent education as their armor and armed with values like grit, our children not only overcome their challenges but are also ready to take on the world.  Our alumni Shruti Belitkar, from Acharya Vinobha Bhave School, Pune shares her story.

  1. Tell us something about yourself.

My mother is a worker in Bishop’s school. My father is a rickshaw driver. I have a younger sister who is currently studying in college. I recently graduated from Mahindra United World College, India and will be going to Earlham College, Indiana, USA in the coming months. I aim to pursue Psychology with Neuroscience as my specialization. I am getting ready for my visa interview and preparing myself (mentally) for studying abroad since it is my first time.

  1. Tell us about your journey with Akanksha.

My Akanksha journey started when I was in the 9th Grade. It has definitely been a key part to shape me as a person. I have transformed as an individual. I have learnt to have integrity, confidence and be self-aware. My Akanksha teachers always supported me in taking decisions for my goals. My teachers also made me realize the importance of education. I am grateful to them.

  1. What were some of your challenges?

I did face challenges during my school days and I believe they were all because of the fact that I never believed in myself. It was also because I never knew myself, which is why I ended up doing the same mistakes and not learn from them. I’m grateful for these challenges because I realized that I bring my own uniqueness and can change for the better.

  1. What were your aspirations and how did you get into Earlham college in Indiana?

When I was in school, I did not have any aspirations really. I did not know what I want to become or what I want to do. I attended a presentation in school and made an application to the United World College.  Through my experience, I started realizing and believing in the power of education. After school the Alumni Support team of Akanksha guided me and that’s how I got this opportunity. The team helped me in every stage of my preparation, with legalities and also provided financial aid by sponsoring my VISA and flight tickets to Indiana. I will be going to USA for my higher education now.

  1. How do you see yourself from hereon and what are your future aspirations?

Currently, I plan on becoming a psychiatrist to work in rehabilitation centers. I intend to help individuals suffering from life problems or mental illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, etc. I also plan to improve our country’s approach towards mental health and would want to improve mental health facilities with a positive definition.

I see myself as a strong independent woman who does not feel oppressed by society or by the social pressures. I want to help other women who feel inferior due to these social constructs. I have seen a lot of young girls and women in my life who try to accept the society as it is, even if that means having no voice, which according to me is disappointing and I want to change it.

  1. What message would you want to give to other children?

I would like to tell them to never underestimate themselves. Most importantly dream- dream of everything you want in this world fight hard to get it and feel worthy of what the world has to offer.

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