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Mubasshir Ansari, a first-generation learner, has not only completed his graduation but has gone on to create a purposeful life for himself and is pursuing his dream. Mubasshir belongs to a household where education was never a priority. He lives with his parents and three siblings. His father is a tailor and mother, a homemaker. It was his mother who played a pivotal role in his early childhood and encouraged him to join school. Both his sisters are also studying at present and have followed Mubasshir’s footsteps to take ownership of their own lives.  

Read on to know more about the journey of our inspiring alumni.

1. Tell us something about yourself.

I am Mubasshir Ansari. I graduated from St.Xaviers College in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media. Reading, writing poems, listening to music and playing cricket are a few of my favorite things. I am grateful to have worked with companies like Ogilvy and Lowe Lintas. Lately, I have been supporting my family through these tough times and focusing on the present. 

2. What has your journey been like at Akanksha? What has been the most memorable experience from your time spent at Akanksha?

I joined Akanksha in 2004 and while growing up, I was a difficult child. I was always thrown out of class or caused trouble to people around me. Reading, writing and speaking in English was never easy for me. However, it was towards the end of my schooling, mainly Grade 8 and Grade 9 which transformed me into a new person. Akanksha gave me a new life. I was able to develop confidence and naturally became an extremely responsible human being with a commitment to study and work hard in the coming years of my life. 

I have wonderful memories of my time spent with friends and Didis at Akanksha. I am still in touch with Jahanvi didi who now lives in Vadodara. She has played a special part in my journey because there was a point in my life when I wanted to drop out of Akanksha. During those tough times, she helped me recognise my potential, showed faith in me and nudged me never to give up. 

3.Who/what inspired you to pursue a career in the field of advertising and how did you make that decision? 

I remember the exact moment which kickstarted my interest and love for writing. At Akanksha, we organised literature circles wherein all of us gathered to read books and novels. In one such discussion, I came across a Japanese poem which inspired me to start writing. A few days later, Jahanvi didi asked me to write a poem and it was highly appreciated by everyone. Slowly, I realised that I could simply change the lyrics to my favorite songs while keeping the tune intact. In 2009, it was Jahanvi didi who urged me to choose BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media). I wanted to merge my creativity and love for writing to compose jingles for advertisements. It was from that very day itself that I decided to go ahead with advertising and started preparing to follow this path. One of my biggest inspirations has been my mentor and coach, Jerry Pinto, who has always guided and exposed me to boundless knowledge.

4. Which is the most important value/learning that you take back from Akanksha? In what ways has it shaped your life?

One of the major things that I have learned is that education will always be fruitful. It has the power to redefine not only your thinking but also the person that emerges in you. All that I have gained through Akanksha has solidified a clear passage for my future. I strongly believe there is no such thing as regret. Whatever you are doing at present will give results tomorrow. We always have to be prepared for the next step in life. 

5. Where do you see yourself in the coming years? How are you preparing yourself for the future?

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown many challenges because we are living with uncertainty. As of now, my only aim is to focus on daily goals with each passing day. We cannot bring about change in our lives by constantly worrying, we have to continue working no matter what. I am trying to focus on my immediate needs and want to provide my family with utmost safety and care. I am hopeful that these small steps will show results and the bigger picture of things in life will fall into place. 

6. What message would you like to give to Akanksha students?

I would like to say just one thing - whatever is happening in your life is not the end. Your hardships do not define you. You are above them. Always think before taking the next step but never let what others think about you affect you. You will always have your set of friends and family who will care for you. Do not allow negativity to overpower your decisions, continue to focus on the positives and move on. 

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