Akanksha aims for a systemic reform for a wider audience to provide quality education for ALL children across geographies and differentiated socio-economic backgrounds.
With excellent pedagogical practices and innovations in learning, Akanksha strives to reform the education space and influence school systems.
The wide network of our people and our schools act as ‘multipliers’ and ‘advocates’, influencing school system reform through advocacy and partnerships.


Theory of Change


Central to our mission is the existence of high-performing schools within the public system that change mindsets about what is possible for children in India. Akanksha is committed to driving the growth of these schools, both through its own network as well as through the creation of new networks around the country.


We believe in an open approach to sharing the systems, strategies and practices developed in the Akanksha system which are delivering impact for our children, families and communities. The work we do to share best practices based on the Five Pillars of The School Project help us expand and spread the best practices driving Akanksha schools to an audience beyond our reach.


Akanksha aims to identify policy and research gaps at the state and the national levels in order to foster systemic reform. Akanksha commissions research with an aim to use evidence to inform policy at all stages of the policy cycle, including agenda setting, policy formulation, implementation and monitoring and evaluation.

Influencing Change


Be it our ideas, people or practices, Akanksha is impacting change on various levels of the education ecosystem. Each ripple of change is influencing transformative reform.


Partnering for change


Collaborating with the Government of Andhra Pradesh, under the department of Social Welfare

Akanksha partnered with Mantra 4 Change and conducted training modules for teachers of Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (APSWREI). APSWREI, a society running 188 residential institutions in Andhra Pradesh reached out to Akanksha for identifying and supporting Social & Emotional needs of its students...
Akanksha’s team of counsellors facilitated sessions with 539 stakeholders, including teachers and caretakers. The training module was facilitated over 2 to 3 days and included online synchronous learning circles and offline asynchronous learning through pre-reads, case studies and reflections.

The training covered sharing Akanksha’s Best Practices such as Circle Time, deep diving into foundational practices such as Building Relationships & Creating safe spaces, Reflection and problem solving in collaboration, SEE learning, etc.


Radio outreach program

In collaboration with Kshamtalya, Vidya Vani and Rising On Air, Akanksha is running a 30 minute radio program, to engage students and parents in meaningful learning experiences through the approach of play, songs and stories. Through the medium of radio, we hope to bring learning to the doorsteps of students of Akanksha and beyond....
The program aims to work on the foundational skills and well-being of students, teachers and parents. The intention is to build connections with the students, teachers and parents in ways which is engaging and builds awareness, compassion and resilience.

The radio program is aired in Pune, on the Vidya Vani station and can be tuned in on their app as well as their website. Presently the program reaches to over 834 families.

The program episodes and resources can be made available on request or anyone who is interested.


Art for Akanksha- Empowering through Art

Our art curriculum, developed in house and designed by Art for Akanksha, empowers children with a powerful art education and helps build skills and values. ...
We have around 100 art lessons in Hindi, Marathi and English for grades up to 10 class.

Over 200 teachers from other MCGM schools actively use Akanksha’s art curriculum and all of 1100 Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai have access to our art lessons.

The art program reaches to 25000 active educators through Firki which is Teach for India’s teacher education platform, and to over 1000 children through the Peepul network of schools in Delhi.

Akanksha’s art curriculum also reaches other government schools through Abhyas malas and Diksha Maharashtra, the digital platform for teachers, students and parents offering curriculum and relevant study material online.

Through Apni Shala, the Akanksha art reaches 14 BMC schools in Grades 4 to 6 as well as the Khoj Community School.

We have put together a white paper - ‘A Case for the Integration of Art in Schools’ which puts down research as well as school and state level strategies that we recommend to enable a strong art program in schools.

Akanksha Art as a Multiplier


Clicks on Akanksha’s art lessons on Diksha


Educators/ Participants can access Art lessons on Firki

600 +

Children from 3 Peepul Schools (Delhi) using our Art Lessons


MCGM School Teachers are using our Art Lessons


BMC schools - Grades 4 to 6 students will be exposed to the Akanksha art through APNI SHALA


Leadership Program

Akanksha’s Leadership Academy aims to develop visionary and progressive leaders at every level of the education sector. Through Saksham, a learning track offered by the Akanksha Leadership Academy offers support to school leadership groups. School Leaders and educators who wish to run progressive schools can benefit through this program....
We partnered with 50 educators and officials from the Pune municipal corporation (PMC) and from the Pimpri Chinchwad municipal corporation (PCMC) to conduct online workshops in enabling the stakeholders to strengthen their capabilities.

Samarth, the Leadership Learning Community Track is designed for School Leaders, Project Leads, Mentors of schools, Organizations in various parts of the country who seek to develop and implement sustainable practices in their schools or educational centres that are aligned to their vision. We conducted four week intensive virtual workshops for 16 of participant organizations who came with different educational diversities.

The Akanksha Leadership Academy offers support to any educator who is interested in building progressive schools and reforming the education space.


Learning through InspirED

Akanksha was a core partner for the one-of-its-kind virtual conference- InspirED. The platform brought together educators, students, policymakers,parents and experts in the field to discuss the idea of Reimagined Education. ...
We conducted various panel discussions and sessions to play a role of a Multiplier and a Collaborator, bringing together stakeholders who will contribute in shaping the education space in our country.

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White papers-

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    A case for the integration of arts in our schools


    Working with parents as co educators


    School leadership recruitment and training

Akanksha@InspirED 2020


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