Akanksha’s aim for systemic reform is to articulate and seek answers for wider impact:

  • What role can Akanksha play in giving excellent education not just to some children, but ALL children?

  • How can our schools transition to being 'multipliers' - becoming hubs of innovation and sharing best practices within wider ecosystem?

  • How do we collaborate to influence policy at state and national level that will allow creation of more and more transformative schools?

Theory of Change


Central to our mission is the existence of high-performing schools within the public system that change mindsets about what is possible for children in India. Akanksha is committed to driving the growth of these schools, both through its own network as well as through the creation of new networks around the country.


We believe in an open approach to sharing the systems, strategies and practices developed in the Akanksha system which are delivering impact for our children, families and communities. The work we do to share best practices based on the Five Pillars of The School Project help us expand and spread the best practices driving Akanksha schools to an audience beyond our reach.


Akanksha aims to identify policy and research gaps at the state and the national levels in order to foster systemic reform. Akanksha commissions research with an aim to use evidence to inform policy at all stages of the policy cycle, including agenda setting, policy formulation, implementation and monitoring and evaluation.

Hubs of Influence


Our people can be our strongest multipliers to influence neighboring schools and broader community. They can turn our schools into hubs of influence for the wider community.

Our key objective is to go beyond our schools to create impact in the neighborhood schools and turning our people into 'multipliers and advocates for excellent education.


Our Goals

  • We aim to establish a platform for school leaders and teachers of other schools in the community to collaborate and learn from the Akanksha School model.
  • Create a common platform for School Leaders and teachers in the community to share resources, teaching aids and best practices.
  • Encourage and assist parents and students to spread Akanksha's initiatives through home visits, skits etc.

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