Innovative pedagogy and high-quality co- and extracurricular programs play an integral part in a child’s development. Our schools have programs in sports, arts, and leadership to create opportunities for our children. Our community programs aim to invest parents in the holistic education for our children.

Academic Achievement Programs

Blended Learning

In the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, Akanksha has promptly adapted to the unique model of Blended Learning that integrates in-person and virtual learning. In order to ensure the learning of our students continues this key strategic shift has been implemented. Our team has planned this effective technique which combines synchronous and asynchronous learning that complements remote learning. This is done in a planned, pedagogically valuable manner.

Independent Learning

Akanksha has incorporated independent workstations in classrooms to help students focus on practicing and mastering one task. Students rotate between different workstations in groups to perform certain tasks within a limited time frame. Workstations foster a culture of independent, active, and purposeful learning.

Culture of Reading

The Buckle Up and Read program helps develop elementary student's reading skills. It exposes children to books that include more text than illustrations and helps them gain confidence in reading comprehension. Students also recommend books to each other and learn new vocabulary.

Youth Development Programs

Art for Akanksha

Art for Akanksha empowers children with a powerful art education supported by its curriculum developed in-house, as well as providing art-related career opportunities for Akanksha alumni and generating revenue through high-quality products. Art for Akanksha is guided by a firm conviction in the power of art to build skills, strengthen values and nurture a positive attitude.

Sports Programs

The Sports Program’s primary goal is for children to have fun, create friendships, and build self-confidence through physical activity. In addition, the students are taught the value and importance of teamwork. Sports offered include football, hockey and cricket, amongst others.

Students who are particularly successful in classes are invited to join one of Akanksha’s teams that compete in leagues with teams from other community organizations so they can continue to develop their skills in a more competitive environment. These include the Just For Kicks School Football Championship, Sakal Schoolympics, and the Inter Akanksha Volleyball Tournament.

Advisory Program and Circle Time

High school can be a challenging phase for students because of socio-emotional change as well as the increased academic pressure from preparing for college. Sustained adult interactions and support through structured advisory programs help students navigate this phase. Akanksha’s Advisory program ensures that all students have an adult who knows him or her well and is an advocate for them. These advisors support them when they face personal or academic difficulties.

Additionally, student voice is an essential component in Akanksha schools. At least once a week, a structured process called ‘circle time’ takes place in all classrooms. During this time, students share concerns, support each other and seek solutions to challenges they may be facing. The circle time is particularly special because it ensures that every student expresses themselves with the school advocate who is their teacher.

Community Engagement

School Management Committees

Comprised of parents, teachers, and school leaders, School Management Committees aim to ensure parent involvement in students’ education and accountability for school management. SMCs often help conduct intensive interventional work in areas surrounding schools, including programs that raise literacy levels among parents or build awareness about proper hygiene and nutrition.

Parent Education

Akanksha's social workers lead a team of parents in each school and help equip them with knowledge and skills they can use to drive positive change within schools. This comes in the form of developing life skills ranging from health, hygiene and nutritional awareness, to effective parenting and financial organisation.

Parent Literacy

At the pre-primary level, Akanksha has created bilingual materials that allows parents to reinforce learning from school at home. Many Akanksha Schools also run spoken English classes for parents to build their confidence and to keep up with their budding fluent English speakers at home.

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