Akanksha is a unique place where people from varied backgrounds come together to be a part of a movement for change.
From fresh graduates to corporate professionals, Akanksha employs educators, social workers, engineers, MBAs, lawyers, designers, IT professionals, and anyone driven by a belief that each child can excel. We have positions in schools and with office staff, who collectively move us closer to our vision.


At Akanksha, each stakeholder, whether a student, teacher, parent, helper didi, or from the central team, is given the closest attention and everyone's personal and professional victories are celebrated with the highest level of enthusiasm. Individual achievements of each one of us are acknowledged, praised and rewarded. Above all, we share a beautiful relationship with each other which allows us to be open to mistakes, feedback and constant learning. We all share a high level of mutual trust, respect and admiration which also reflects across the organisational culture.

Amirah Artianawala

Social Studies Teacher

Akanksha is the place where I found many opportunities to explore myself and always felt like a second home. During the 8 years of my journey from an Associate to a Manager, I have consistently experienced a strong sense of purpose that guides all our actions. I've had the opportunity to try new and different ways to accomplish my goals and received ample support while facing challenges. I have always felt like a valued team member of the organisation and resonate with its vision and mission. I feel proud that I got a chance to join Akanksha where I have grown professionally and personally.

Sharad Patil

Manager - Finance

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