Schools are dynamic, multi-faceted centers of learning. Our School Leaders are adept at managing complexity and serve as the backbone of all instructional, operational, and community initiatives.

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Education has changed my life and I believe it can bring about a positive and permanent change in everyone else's, too. I feel happy and fortunate to be able to give this opportunity to so many others. Being a school leader helps me reach out to students, parents and the community.

Jayshree Oberoi

Late Anantrao Pawar Memorial English Medium School (Pune)

I’m here for the children. I’m a believer of equity in education. Education is the only way they can possibly transform their lives. The hope that someday we will achieve our vision keeps me going. On a lighter note, their warm hugs and sunny smiles brighten my morning. Along this journey, I’ve derived immense support and love from my team. We all work together with the highest level of commitment and ownership in an endeavour to do what’s best for our students. School has become a home away from home!

Mandira Purohit

Sitaram Mill Compound Mumbai Public School

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School Leader


The role of the School Leader is to oversee all instructional, operational, and community initiatives. The School Leader must ensure that high standards of excellence are maintained by building a motivated, skilled team of teachers, developing a strong academic program, engaging the families in their child’s education as well as creating a positive, achievement-oriented school culture.

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Founding School Leader

Navi Mumbai

The Assistant School Leader, will support the School Leader in ensuring that high standards of excellence are maintained in the school. The Assistant School Leader will oversee the operations and smooth management and administration of the school to ensure that the School Leader is able to focus on maintaining a high quality of learning for each student.

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