Teachers play a central role in the mission of Akanksha. Children depend on them to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown, to empower them to chase their ambitions, and to show them that each one of them is incredibly special.

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I am at Akanksha for 13 years now! The vision and mission of the organization is what motivates me to stay on. The small steps lead to bigger changes. Every day is a new day and every child is a unique child. No achievement is too small and no task is impossible! From center to school and from a teacher to a teacher leader has been a journey full for exploration, excellence and enjoyment.

Smita Baji

Teacher Leader, Dadabhai Nawroji Nagar Mumbai Public School

For me, Akanksha invokes a sense of peace and contentment. Everyday, I get an opportunity to make a difference. This is not just restricted to my students, but the values that are imbibed in our classrooms affect parents as well.

Preeti Bhondave

Teacher, Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj
English Medium School

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School Teacher


The teacher’s role is to guide the students towards academic achievement while inculcating self-esteem and values that empower them to think critically and make informed choices leading them to transform their lives. Teachers cultivate an environment of high achievement coupled with fun learning in the classrooms. They understand the communities the children come from, the background of each child and the challenges they face every day. Despite this, they keep excellence a top priority and empathize rather than sympathize with the kids to push them even harder as they believe in each child’s potential.

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