Akanksha is a unique place where people from varied backgrounds come together to be a part of a movement for change.

From fresh graduates to corporate professionals, Akanksha employs educators, social workers, engineers, MBAs, lawyers, designers, IT professionals, and anyone driven by a belief that each child can excel. We have positions in schools and with office staff, who collectively move us closer to our vision.


It is a great privilege to work with the Akanksha Foundation. I started my journey as a School Admin and currently, I'm in the Central Administration team. The different opportunities I got at school helped me equip myself with newer skills and achieve greater work efficiency. I am grateful to the Akanksha Foundation and feel proud to work with passionate leaders to create a real impact in our communities and society. The encouragement and support that I receive from my team members inspires me to do what I do everyday to achieve my goals. This inspiration encourages me to move forward every day.

Roshan Chaurasia

Senior Associate - Central Administration & Procurement

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Akanksha in various capacities. First as a teacher, then as part of the school leadership and now in the central technology team. Across all of these teams and roles, I have consistently experienced a strong sense of purpose and belief in an excellent education that guides all of our actions. Never losing focus of keeping the child at the core of everything we do. I’ve had the opportunity to try new and different ways to accomplish my goals and have received plenty of support in the face of challenges. At Akanksha, I have always felt like a valued contributor to the organisation’s vision and mission.

Vinay Poulose

Senior Manager- Technology

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