The Akanksha Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a mission to build the largest network of innovative schools that empowers children to maximise their potential and that influences systemic reform.

For over 30 years, Akanksha has educated children from low-income communities across Mumbai and Pune - first, through our after-school centers, and since 2007, through the Akanksha Schools.

Today, Akanksha is one of the largest urban networks of public-private partnership schools of its kind in India. Looking ahead, we seek to expand our network of schools, share our effective practices and advocate for quality school reform for children across India.

Our Two-Fold Theory

In the short term

Akanksha aims to redefine what is possible for children from low-income communities to achieve through its network of high-performing public-private partnership schools.

In the long term

We will share our model and practices through partnerships with the government and other organizations. We aim to leverage our demonstrated impact to advocate for reforms with other like-minded organizations that will lead to an excellent education for all children.

Our Approach

Academic Learning

Akanksha schools set rigorous learning standards to maximise student potential; creating a nurturing environment for children to excel in academics. The multidisciplinary curriculum is reflected in the daily timetable with subjects ranging from Information and Computer Technology, Integration of the Arts in Mathematics and Science to Music, Physical Education (PE) & Sports to even Library/Reading. Above all, all Akanksha schools ensure the inclusion of technology and use of digital learning techniques in the day-to-day activities of the classroom. With extended school closures, we are investing in digital tablets for students to learn remotely through daily virtual classes. The long term vision for our schools is to enable blended, or hybrid learning where students can both learn online and attend physical in-person classes.

Socio-Emotional Well-being

Socio emotional development is a core aspect of the learning of every Akanksha student. This philosophy is grounded in the idea that success in the 21st century requires each child to go beyond just academics and develop soft skills for life-long learning and growth. All Akanksha schools implement Socio Emotional and Ethical (SEE) learning practices as part of their daily timetable. SEE is a creative and pragmatic learning tool aimed at providing socio-emotional support while honing fundamental development skills developed by Emory University in partnership with the Dalai Lama Trust.

Parent Community Engagement & Development

At Akanksha, we have always integrated parents and the community as important stakeholders in our school model. We believe that parents are our partners in the learning journey and we provide intensive support to empower our parents in the areas of community health, economic resilience and as learning facilitators. Parents actively engage in the process of their child's development through programs such as the School Management Committee, parent literacy classes, parent volunteerism and community-wide efforts to address key issues such as women's empowerment, substance abuse, physical violence and others.Outside the classroom, community initiatives are guided by our social workers and counsellors who have formed strong ties with students' families and the local community.

27 Schools

575 Educators

10,000 Students

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Mission Max Vax

Our mission is to build vaccine awareness and positivity and facilitate vaccination of Akanksha community members. Akanksha's 'Max-Vax' is enabling priority vaccine access to safeguard our communities and reduce barriers to vaccination.

Vaccinations so far

73% Akanksha families vaccinated at least with 1st dose
14200 number of doses administered | 1422 eligible alumni and families vaccinated


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