The Akanksha Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a mission to build the largest network of innovative schools that empowers children to maximise their potential and that influences systemic reform.

For over 30 years, Akanksha has educated children from low-income communities across Mumbai and Pune - first, through our after-school centers, and since 2007, through the Akanksha Schools.

Today, Akanksha is one of the largest urban networks of public-private partnership schools of its kind in India. Looking ahead, we seek to expand our network of schools, share our effective practices and advocate for quality school reform for children across India.

Our Two-Fold Theory

In the short term

Akanksha aims to redefine what is possible for children from low-income communities to achieve through its network of high-performing public-private partnership schools.

In the long term

We will share our model and practices through partnerships with the government and other organizations. We aim to leverage our demonstrated impact to advocate for reforms with other like-minded organizations that will lead to an excellent education for all children.

Our Approach

Excellent Educators

Each Akanksha school builds and develops a team of teachers, a school leader, admin, and a social worker collaborating to run the school.

Progressive Pedagogy

The Akanksha curriculum and Network Support Team empowers teachers and school leaders with best practices in pedagogy, using a skills-based approach and rigorous standards for student learning.

Maximising Resources

Each school maximises their use of time, money and materials - creatively leveraging government infrastructure, volunteers and a disciplined approach to managing the cost per child annually of an Akanksha School.

Parents As Partners

Parents actively engage in the process of their child’s development through programs such as the School Management Committee, parent literacy classes, parent volunteerism and community-wide efforts to address key issues such as women’s empowerment, substance abuse, physical violence and others.

Accountability to Learning

All schools undergo a school development review to assess progress and plan next steps for school development. The review is conducted by the school, the network support team, and external stakeholders. Internal and external student assessments along with biannual performance reviews ensure each stakeholder is being held accountable to student growth.

21 Schools

575 Educators

9,800 Students

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